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Miss City Weekly 2012: Willard


Following the nádleehí people in the Navajo tradition, identifying as a “third man”( an integrated gender person/ a male with female essence). Born biologically expressive as a male, the feminine balance has always been a component of my personal identity. Believing in the non-binary constellation of gender identity/expression/diversity, I use aesthetic display as a means of creative communication, performance as an education tool. Operating on a low-income and an affinity towards the pervy, eye-catching and thought provoking, my aesthetic reflects the kitschy, crafty and all things tacky or strange. Maintaining my young, self-absorbed awareness of the fashion world and music television, translating to a stage identity emulating America’s sweethearts, and the culturally refused (a versus: Mandy Moore meets Marilyn Manson meets pre-Bobby Whitney Houston meets the-stuffed-animal-under-your-bed). Wanting to communicate and express the endless opportunities a change in belief about personal identity can bring. Resting on the strong feminine shoulders of those before and my two legs (that are about a week long), I hope to show Salt Lake City an entertaining performance and a sincere request to take a personal inventory of how you identify yourself.

Click here to view a video of a benefit fashion show in Provo that Willard participated in.


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