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Miss CW 2012 Contestant: Indi Skies


Indi's been busy this past year bearing everything except her testimony and is back for another battle for the coveted title of Miss City Weekly! She's had the pleasure of performing for some extra special events around the state including last year for Princess Kennedy's Pride Pool Party and the first annual Moab Gay Pride Festival. In her travels she has been able to see how close we are as a community even if we are in different areas of the state. This has inspired her to be ever more involved in building a stronger sense of community and feeling of inclusion for all who support our beautiful and diverse population. She loves to be able to support her fellow homo-sapiens in any endeavor to balance the scales of equality and justice. Upholding the title of Miss City Weekly would be an extra amazing opportunity for her to be able to bring everything that she has to offer into the coming year to help close the gaps that we sometimes overlook, and build an even more connected and informed community. Thank you for your consideration of Indi Skies for Miss City Weekly 2012.


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