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Miss CW 2014 Contestant: Areola Pizza


"My name is Areola Pizza and I was born when the radioactive slime that created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fell onto a stoner’s slice of microwaved Totino’s pizza he had dropped in some gutter. Looking like Bambi on ice when I attempted to stand on my newborn legs, I fell into a nearby basket of severed nipples a cereal killer was collecting like Pokemon cards. The homeless lady from Home Alone 2 then christened me with the beautiful name “Areola” and gave me a turtle dove to always remind me of her, which I promptly threw away because STFU scary dove lady. My struggle in life is avoiding cannibalism (cuz pizza is delicious, duh) but luckily I rip mad farts when I give in, and that would just interfere with my dancing."