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Mistakes Cost Lives



Conservative Website Newsmax comments about President George W. Bush and the mistakes he made. The magazine stated that the Department of Homeland Security was a costly error. I agree that DHS was a mistake—why is it that it took conservatives years to realize?

Next, Newsmax comments that the $40 billion-a-year drug benefit under Medicare is a mistake. I wonder how a conservative would fare in an election proposing to cut the benefit. How many conservatives have parents who are eligible for the program?

Conservatives are beginning to realize the Iraq war was a mistake. Even liberals say that Afghanistan is a risk to national security, but there was never any proof about Iraq.

As a conservative, I am outraged by the continual tirade against ACORN and La Raza—government waste at the least and questionable motives at the worst, while defense contractors such as Blackwater International won “no-bid” contracts. I don’t understand how anyone concerned about government waste wants liberal organizations investigated while defense contractors are beyond investigation.

Don’t conservatives realize that military waste means the possibility of lives lost in combat?

Lakeland, Fla.