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Money for Nothing



Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker ought to be ashamed of himself for having the audacity to install these ugly, new, bright-blue, high-tech parking meters in the downtown area as part of a new pilot program, in spite of there being virtually no money in the city coffers to get roads, sidewalks, street lights and traffic lights fixed and maintained properly. The parking-enforcement Gestapo is bad enough as it is. Now this?

The last time I checked, a burned-out street light costs Salt Lake City about $50 to replace and to help pay a city contractor to install a new light bulb at each particular location. That said, I have tried and tried to get two burned-out streetlights fixed in my neighborhood, to no avail. (The street in front of my apartment is poorly lit at night, and it’s like that everywhere in this city.)

Apparently, there’s no money to fix them. Yet, we seem to have all the money in the world for this new pilot program that Becker and company are trying out. Why is that? I’m outraged!

Jordan Taggart
Salt Lake City