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Mormon Smash


It’s been called the hottest show on Broadway, and City Weekly’s Geoff Griffin traveled to Manhattan for the scoop on The Book of Mormon, the musical [see “Elders Over Broadway” March 24, City Weekly].

Commenter Xoanon mentioned a film written by the creators of The Book of Mormon.

“Why doesn’t this article mention the movie Orgazmo (1998)? It was done by the Matt Stone-Trey Parker team, and it’s about Mormons,” Xoanon wrote. “It’s a comedy about Joe Young, a Mormon missionary (portrayed by Trey Parker), who is [unwittingly] lured into starring in pornographic films.”

Jeff took issue with a quote from another of the musical’s creators, Robert Lopez, who said he was struck on a recent visit by how friendly Utahns are.

“I moved here from New York and found Salt Lake City full of racists, bigots and religious zealots!” Jeff wrote. “That’s the majority—the minorities are cool!”

Dana is just sick of hearing about Mormons.

“Why is it that all we ever hear about are Mormons when there’s so much more diversity that resides in Utah?” Dana asked. “It’s getting so I don’t wish to read or listen to any news because of such prevalent bias.”

Sorry, Dana, but a lot of our readers—Mormon, ex-Mormon and other—do enjoy reading about our community’s dominant culture. At least we provide an alternative point of view!