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Mormons Will Show Missouri



A note to all those non-Mormons living in Missouri, including those with families and ancestors who have been there for generations—even from before the early Mormons settled there: The Mormons believe Missouri is their God-Promised Land, the same as the Jews believe that the land that was ancient Israel is their God-Promised Land. The Mormons are going to take over Missouri, one way or another.

And those of you who will not convert to Mormonism will be driven out or killed—the same as the Jews are doing to non-Jews in the newly created modern Israel. Just remember what the Jews there are saying now when the Mormons are doing it to you, as they’re stealing your land and destroying your communities: the Mormons, like the Jews in Israel, are only engaging in “self-defense.” That should make you feel better.

The Mormons living in Missouri now are planning to be part of this “cleansing” of non-Mormons from Missouri. You’re idiots not to be keeping a watchful eye on them. And for those non-Mormons in Missouri who voted for Mitt Romney, you’ve got to be the biggest idiots of all—since Romney as president would have put the Mormons in a much better position to destroy you not too long from now.

Salt Lake City