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Mostly Corrupt



In Ken Thomas’ rebuttal [“Corruption is Relative,” Nov. 28, City Weekly] of a previous letter by Stuart McDonald claiming that “Mormon Church-controlled Utah is the most corrupt state in the U.S.” [“How’s That for Christlike,” Nov. 21, City Weekly], Thomas may have a point based only on the usage of the word “most.”

Omit the adverb “most” and replace it with “Mormon-controlled (see the U.S. Bill of Rights), Republican-gerrymandered, no-Political-Ethics-Policy-adopted, female-rights-suppressed, gun-loving, leader-in-Ponzi-schemes” state. Now, I ask Mr. Thomas, is that satisfactorily accurate for you?

And to Mr. Thomas’ comment pertaining to leaders from other states currently serving prison time: If justice is done, then we may be able to add the names Swallow and Shurtleff to the list.

So, to quote Mr. Thomas, “What was that you were saying about ‘corrupt Utah’?”

Michael Cooper
South Jordan