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Music | CD Revue: Albert Hammond Jr., The Melvins, Son Ambulance



Albert Hammond Jr. Como Te Llama?

Sometimes the bird has to fly the coop for a while to do its own thing, and that is what guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has been doing with his time away from The Strokes. Como Te Llama? is his second album to come out following the 2007 debut, Yours to Keep. This album has the dirty stoner-rock element that I know and love (feeling that Strokes garage-rock/pop influence still) along with some other sleepy tunes added to the mix. “Spooky Couch” is amazing, though it would have made a better last track—a mellow send-off to a rise-and-fall LP. “Bargain of a Century,” “GfC,” “The Boss Americana” and “Borrowed Time” were bien, tambien. (Black Seal Records)

The Melvins Nude With Boots 

I’ve known the name Melvins since I was crawling in a diaper, but this is actually the first time I’ve gotten around to actually listening them—that’s right. Does that diminish my hipster cred? I think I might be missing that chromosome in most people—mostly dudes—that makes metal and hardcore instantly appealing. Still, so far so good here. The Melvins are on their 24th year together and Nude With Boots is their 25th album. This time around, they have a new lineup with the men of Big Business whose contributions help only enhance the band’s very loud, very epic sound. Some songs border on Zepplinesque, others punk and metal. Now my curiosity is officially piqued. I shall backpedal and see what older material these guys have to offer. That’s a sign of a good album. (Ipecac Recordings)

Son, Ambulance Someone Else’s Deja Vu

Someone Else’s Deja Vu is the perfect recipe for a mellow summer night hangout session. Well, that and lots of beer. It’s chock full of beautiful sounds reminiscent of psychedelic ’70s pop topped with airy, jazzified sweetness. This makes me want to snuggle up with my CD player and whisper sweet nothings into its ear. Hell, miracles be, I may even go see them at Kilby Court when they play the all-ages venue Aug. 2. Won’t you come along? (Saddle Creek)


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