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Music Mailbag February 2024

Catch up on the latest local releases


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We've gotten off to an incredibly strong start with new releases from local bands in 2024. It's hard to keep up with all of the new stuff coming out, so I'll try to keep you in the loop with these great releases. Add them to your playlists, and catch these bands at live shows when you can—you won't want to miss these songs live.

Plastic Cherries, "Tomorrow": After Plastic Cherries' exciting 2022 hit "Lovers on the Run" released, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the newest entry to the band's catalog. Dreams came true last August with their release of "Moon II," and again at the beginning of January with "Tomorrow." According to a post on the band's Instagram, the song came to singer Shelby Maddock in a dream. Dreamlike is a perfect way to describe the single—it has the retro vibes the band is known for, along with calm instrumentation and Maddock's entrancing vocals. Fans of the Cherries have been lovingly dubbed the "Moon Unit," and can be found supporting the group at shows with awesome costumes and jamming to the otherworldly tunes. "Tomorrow" and "Moon II" are perfect entries into the Plastic Cherries' repertoire. Spotify

Leetham, "Boys": One of SLC's favorite pop performers is back at it again with an upbeat anthem that will cheer you up on the darkest of days. "Boys" was recorded/produced with fellow pop artist Jayden McKenzie, and was an international project: McKenzie is in Canada, but the two artists were able to seamlessly create an exciting, addicting dance track. I've never been to a club in my life, but this is the exact type of song I'd expect to hear in one with the lights low and sound turned up to 11. This is the track for you if you're boy-crazy, or just need something to dance it out to. Spotify

Poolhouse, "Sorry Sucks": Indie guitar pop trio Poolhouse are well-known for their charming, upbeat and catchy tunes, so it's no wonder their latest single fits the bill perfectly. "Sorry Sucks" is everything you want out of a great indie track—clear yet unique vocals, some clean electric guitar and a chorus that's so incredibly catchy. Poolhouse always takes such care while creating their music, and this song is no different. As a bonus, "Sorry Sucks" also has a music video to accompany the song. Their videos are always a blast and very well-produced, so you'll want to check this one out ASAP. Spotify

Kaytlin Numbers, "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT IT": If you're in the business of collecting super-rad indie-rock anthems for your library, you've just found another one. "WE DON'T TALK ABOUT IT" is the latest from singer/songwriter Kaytlin Numbers, and perfectly encapsulates the word "anthem;" it's hard to listen to this song and not want to sing it out loud, especially as it gets to the chorus. Numbers even said, "Can't wait to play this one live and scream together," of the track on Instagram. Be sure to keep an eye out for live shows featuring Numbers so you can indeed scream with her while this one plays. Spotify

Msking, Her World: Msking (pronounced "miss king") is starting 2024 out strong with their latest EP Her World. If you're into moody, pop punk vibes, Msking is the group for you. This five-song collection has it all—fast guitar, lamenting vocals and relatable lyrics. It's a great EP for when you're in your feelings, and are maybe feeling a bit emo and want to lean into it. It's also something to headbang to, if that's the mood you're in. Fans of early '00s pop punk will be feeling the nostalgia while listening to Msking, as their sound very much resembles the sounds of yesteryear—which is a great thing. The world always needs more pop punk vibes. Spotify

Bly Wallentine, "O Frozen Butterfly": Diving into Bly Wallentine's music always yields delightful surprises. The singer/songwriter is always experimenting with sounds, and never confines themself to a specific box when it comes to what genres they write. "O Frozen Butterfly" is an adventure of a song inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith, Cat Stevens, Montreal and even Beethoven himself. The song is also inspired by those who "Just like to sit on the porch and watch time fester like a box of soggy saltines. Is that you? Why don't you take some time today to ask yourself 'who am I?'" Wallentine said on Instagram. "O Frozen Butterfly" is currently only on BandCamp (which is a great place to buy music from local artists to support them) at the moment, but will be streaming everywhere soon. Bandcamp

The Mellons, Introducing... The Instrumentals! (Side A): Sometimes you just need background music to create a soundtrack to the events of your life. Vocals are great, but they sometimes get in the way of that "main character" feeling, and you need some instrumental tracks to allow your imagination to run wild. Or, if you just need background music without vocals because it's distracting, The Mellons have you covered. Their most recent project is taking the tracks from their debut album, Introducing... The Mellons!, and cutting out the vocals. It's always fun to hear songs without the singing on top, because it lets you hear more details that you may not have otherwise noticed. And they allow you to have a great soundtrack for even the most mundane daily activities. Introducing... The Instrumentals! (Side A) is streaming now. Spotify