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Music Monday: Tom Bennett Gets Sucker-punched

Best of Utah award-winning musicians called out by internet nutjob posing as former CW employee.


Heads up, local musicians—watch out. You win one award and the crazies come crawling out of the woodwork. In November, City Weekly named local one-man music machine Tom Bennett’s I Am Everywhere EP “Best Three-Song Suckerpunch” in our 2017 Best of Utah publication. Three months later, an anonymous person blindsided him with an email titled “Your (sic) a FRAUD”:

“Tom I will be exposing local frauds like yourself. People who drive with their ego and nothing else. You sir ARE NOT award winning it takes real artists a long time to get an award. I worked at city weekly when you got your so called award. You bugged us until we finally got your cd asking to submitted for ANY award so our editor was nice enough to throw you a bone.

Furthermore I looked into your CNN, NPR news and you weren’t mentioned. The shitty controversial town did. Stop riding coat tails and actually make a difference. I will be exposing you on Facebook and Twitter as well as other frauds across the USA

Not only that but this email will be copied and pasted to all your friends and family. Buck up buddy.”

Clearly we’re dealing with a cunning, vigilant detective with a righteous cause, except this purported former employee never worked for City Weekly, given the—ahem—quality of their writing. The email address does contain a name, but nobody here recognizes it, so it’s probably fake. We won’t print it here, because this person doesn’t deserve recognition for baseless, cowardly cyberbullying. What we will print is a link to Bennett’s Bandcamp page, so everyone can enjoy the very real country-blues goodness of I Am Everywhere as well as his other two albums, Live in Colorado and The Man Who Shook the Devil’s Hounds.

Y’know what? While we’re at it, we might as well link to the feature article I wrote about him back in July. And, of course, here’s the irksome BoU award blurb (scroll down; it’s the ninth entry from the bottom). And we’d be remiss not to provide a link to his Facebook page, where you can find a list of nine upcoming Bennett performances Feb. 16 - March 21 in Kanab, St. George, Cedar City, Ogden, Huntsville, Santa Clara, Salt Lake City and even Arizona and New Mexico. True to the EP’s title, Tom Bennett is everywhere.

Also, keep an eye out for the next iteration of the Colorado City Music Festival, which will no doubt earn Bennett and the “shitty controversial town” even more attention. It’ll certainly warrant another story in City Weekly.

And to the A&E vigilante: Good luck with your crusade, dingleberry.