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Music Picks April 17-23 | Live: Man Man, Yeasayer, Neva Dinova, David Dondero



Thursday 4.17
Life In Your Way (Outer Rim); Lucky I Am (Urban Lounge); Charlie On the Move (Monk’s); Highball Train (Piper Down)

Friday 4.18
Matt Hopper (Slowtrain); Akil, Coolzey, Mindstate (Uprok); Verona Grove, Emerson (Avalon); The Furs CD Release (Urban Lounge—see Music); Dr. Cyclops 3rd Anniversary (Bar Deluxe); Dr. John (The Depot); Days of the New, Poetica, SuperSoFar (Club Vegas); Skint (Burt’s Tiki Lounge); White Party w/ DJ Scotty Boy (Hotel); Royal Bliss (Liquid Joes); Hav Addix (Monk’s); Joe McQueen Day (Wine Cellar, Ogden)

Saturday 4.19
We’ve all heard the doomsday stories about record stores nearing extinction, but while there’s some truth to the decline in album sales, negative figures largely pertain to corporately owned businesses whose sinking revenues give their entire industry a bad rap. “These bigger stores and labels that lack heart and passion, they’re the ones doing poorly. They are the ones making headlines for poor sales and stores closing—and us little ones get lumped in as part of the ‘industry,’ when we’re really a different beast,” says Anna Brozek, co-owner of Salt Lake City’s Slowtrain, an independent record store. “When Britney Spears goes from selling 2 million records to 200,000, it makes for a great ‘falling’ statistic, but it doesn’t represent how CD sales are at Slowtrain, or Stinkweeds [Arizona] or Sonic Boom [Seattle].” To that end, indie stores across the country are celebrating their survival with a nationwide celebration. Slowtrain’s bash will feature performances by local acts Brinton Jones, Chanticleer the Clever Cowboy, DJ Superb, Laserfang, and Marcus Bently. KRCL’s Circus Brown will also be handing out tasty barbecue sandwiches—just don’t spill any sauce on your goodie bags. Oh, and Slowtrain might be doing well, but they still need your support. Fifteen percent off storewide merchandise is another good reason to buy music locally. Visit for a list of participants. Slowtrain, 221 E. Broadway, 1 p.m. All-ages. Info: 364-2611,

Den of the Flow used to harbor illusions of grandeur. They tasted fame in the late ’80s, opening for then- hip-hop heavyweights Naughty by Nature, Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill, and landing hits on mainstream radio airwaves. Ten years later, they reunited in Utah and 10 years after that, they still don’t have a big-time record deal. Rather than sell out—or burn out—the old-school emcees and producers keep on keeping on, doing it for the love of hip-hop—and the 801. “I write rhymes for the kids I know,” DOF confess, emphatically rejecting the music industry’s dirty tricks on “The Letter.” It’s just one killer track off Den of the Flow’s new full-length on indie label Netweight Records, an impressive work that highlights lessons learned and skills polished to a blinding sheen. The flow is smooth and the lyrics are full of narratives that keep you hanging on until the last beat drops. The release of Mid-Life Crisis (featuring production by Brisk One, Dao, SkinWalker, with guest spots by Amad Jamal, Karim, Concise Kilgore, Adverse and Eneeone) coincides with Record Store Day and kicks off the 100 percent local edition of Dao’s Mixtape Radio. Graywhale, 208 S. 1300 East, 1 pm. All-ages. Info: 583-9626

Also Saturday: The Devil Whale, David Williams, Kathryn Cowles (Kilby Court); Erin Bode Group (Grand Theatre); Jesse Dayton (Bar Deluxe); NiteLite 10 Year Anniversary (W Lounge—see Essentials)

Sunday 4.20
David Dondero (Kilby Court); Postcards Home (Monk’s); Hum the Drone (Burt’s Tiki Lounge)

Monday 4.21
Man Man and Yeasayer are certainly two of the most interesting acts making waves in today’s indie-rock world. While associated with a certain type of hipster crowd (skinny bikes, skinny jeans, skinny tees, giant specs), their sounds are wildly eclectic and appealing to anyone who appreciates imaginative, solid music. Man Man’s groove careens somewhere between Tom Waits and a lunatic ringmaster, experimenting with sonic high jinks like the trash can crashing down and hurling trinkets in the background of a White Rabbits (Anti) track. Yeasayer are practical free spirits, throwing down swirling, percussion-heavy, almost tribal jams about, among other beard-scratching topics, impending apocalypse. Who will save our souls? Well, Yeasayer’s electronic/organic live show is rather a religious experience. It’s a start. In the Venue, 579 W. 200 South, 7 p.m. All-ages. Tickets:

  Also Monday: Apocalyptica (In the Venue); Rocket to the Moon (Avalon); The Phenomenauts, The A.K.A.s (Burt’s Tiki Lounge)

Tuesday 4.22
With the recent surge of buzz bands making it on the strength of one debut album (recorded months after forming) and a few choice blogs, it’s

rather refreshing to find a group that struggled for years to break out of their hometown. Sure, Neva Dinova stumbled trying to hit their stride, but they were off and running long before Saddle Creek Records came around and put it in writing. Much of Saddle Creek’s roster (Conor Oberst, The Good Life, etc.) even recognized Dinova’s talent before execs paid any mind. No matter. The delay gave Dinova a chance to hone their chops, as evidenced by You May Already Be Dreaming. The new release saunters in on a steely-eyed ballad, with Jake Bellows sounding very much like Low Skies, Richard Hawley or Salt Lake City’s own Scott Selfridge (Coyote Hoods) crooning his heart out. The 14-track LP slowly switches gears three songs in, plugging in and turning up the Jason Molina/Neil Young fuzz tone with “Clouds.” Other tracks play around with psychedelic threads and plain old rock & roll. Dinova will open for Canada’s Ladyhawk who are better, faster and stronger than ever. Check out the online trailer for a raw, behind-the-scenes doc on the making of their new full-length Shots. Any perceptions of indie rock as “glamorous” are effectively squashed by the revealing “piss bucket.” Kilby Court, 741 S. 330 West, 7 p.m. All-ages. Tickets:

  Also Tuesday: Islands (In the Venue); Minus the Bear (Club Sound); Dark Star Orchestra (The Depot); Joey Belladonna, Marc Rizzo (Club Vegas); Anal Blast (South Shore)

Wednesday 4.23
Saul Williams (Kilby Court—see Music); Ben Folds (Great Saltair); Chow Nasty (Burt’s Tiki Lounge); Scott H. Biram, Hilltop (Bar Deluxe); Del the Funky Homosapien (Paladium); Chuck Wicks (Teazers, Ogden)

Coming Up
Loom Benefit (Kilby Court, April 24); Mike Doughty (Urban Lounge, April 24); The Sword (Club Vegas, April 25); Norlfolk & Western, The Black Hens (Urban Lounge, April 25); The Dollyrots (Avalon, April 25); Mac Lethal, Grieves, Blue Collar Theory (Kilby Court, April 26); Azafady Benefit (Urban Lounge, April 26); Junior Brown (Paladium, April 26); Zion Tribe 21st Anniversary Show (Zanzibar, April 26); Dale Watson (Bar Deluxe, April 27)