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Sober Show @ Kilby Court 3/17, Weyes Blood @ The Depot 3/18, Big Joanie @ Kilby Court 3/20, and more.


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Sober Show @ Kilby Court 3/17
Ending the stigma behind mental-health issues sometimes seems like an uphill battle, especially when it comes to substance abuse. Non-profit SLC organization Mental Healthy FIT works hard to end that stigma with education, impact and, especially, entertainment. Sober Show is an event that aims to celebrate sobriety, and to support those struggling with addiction in pursuit of recovery. It's an excellent way to get together with individuals who have gone through the same things, while enjoying a night on the town. Performing at the show are great local acts like The Deaf & The Musician. This duo beautifully blends music and American Sign Language, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that will stick with you. Joining them are new SLC trio Caljo, who are hard at work getting their debut music out on the scene. Rounding out the show is well-known longtime performer Peter Breinholt; this singer/songwriter has played to sold-out crowds at all of the major concert venues in the state, and was recently honored with the Governor's Mansion Award for achievement in performing arts for his influence as a performer in the area. For more information and tools on help with mental health issues, jump over to Tickets for the all-ages Sober Show are $10 and can be found at The show starts at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, March 17. (Emilee Atkinson)

Weyes Blood - NEIL KRUG
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Weyes Blood @ The Depot 3/18
I implore you to try and still your sacred hearts from beating at the mere mention of Weyes Blood fluttering into SLC on unfettered wings as part of her In Holy Flux Tour. After releasing her latest album And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow this past November, Weyes Blood has been embraced by legions of fans, arms outstretched and eyes sparkling. This new record is an uncanny sort of enchantment, conjuring a variety of sensations with an ease afforded only to rare mystics. Marie Antoinette, rosewater pools, silk, satin and all things that are undoubtedly sultry without ever exhibiting themselves as cheap are seemingly embroidered throughout each song. Still, the album remains un-frivolous and rough around the edges, also evoking the splash of red wine, the finger pricked on the spinning wheel and the constant-but-unavoidable mess of words not said. This album is far too sophisticated to be classified as simply a member of the troublingly long roster of singles now making up what has come to be known as a "sad girl starter pack" (whatever the hell that means). No, this album is at once an unflinching look at pain while simultaneously staking itself as an ushering in of all things that feel like spring. If none of what I have said makes any sense but nevertheless holds resonance, I have no doubt that you belong at the all-ages Weyes Blood show on Saturday, March 18 at The Depot. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets can be found at (Sophie Caligiuri)

Big Joanie - AJAMU X
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Big Joanie @ Kilby Court 3/20
Back Home, as its name implies, contains themes of searching for a place to call home, which shines through on acclaimed UK-based Black feminist punk trio Big Joanie's track "Sainted." "It's about the different ideas of home," explained vocalist/guitarist Stephanie Phillips. "Whether that's here in the UK, back in Africa or the Caribbean, or a place that doesn't really exist; it's neither here nor there." For the last decade Big Joanie has been breathing new life into the post-punk alternative scene. Their "passionate live shows and punk rock ethos have led to them becoming one of the most talked-about bands on the UK live scene," according to the trio's website. In addition to themes of seeking home, this new album further exemplifies the trio's politics and philosophy. "A lot of us are experiencing this kind of alienation," drummer/vocalist Chardine Taylor-Stone told Them in November. "We were thinking about us as Black, British children of Caribbean migrants. 'Back Home' is a phrase that often people of diaspora use to refer to their countries of heritage. It's like, 'Back home this, back home that,' even though some of us might have never been back home, or it exists in the imagination. Where is this home that we feel connected to? Because sometimes we feel displaced in our actual homes that we grew up in. What is this idea of going back home? Is it moving from the city to another city that you're from? Is it connecting to your culture of heritage, Caribbean or whatever that may be? Is it a wider concept of a diaspora of being back home?" Don't miss Big Joanie on Monday, March 20 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 and can be found at (EA)

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  • Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco @ The Commonwealth Room 3/21
As the founder of Righteous Babe Records more than 30 years ago, artist, entrepreneur and activist Ani DiFranco has always made the music she's felt compelled to create, without regard to outside expectations. Despite many challenges, she's clearly succeeded. One of the seminal figures in feminist music—later embraced by artists such as the Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile—she not only pioneered the DIY movement, but also broke musical boundaries, fusing punk, funk, hip hop, jazz, soul and electronica without sacrificing either focus or intent. And she's never been content to rest on her laurels, courtesy of her commitment to causes like women's rights, responsible gun-control legislation, reproductive rights, voter registration and providing musical education to at-risk youth. In that regard, DiFranco continues to put herself on the line to fight for those things she believes in so strongly. Combine her personal and professional passions, and she's been the recipient of numerous honors and critical kudos, including a Grammy, the National Organization of Women's Woman of Courage Award, the Gay/Lesbian American Music Award for Female Artist of the Year, the Woody Guthrie Award and the Outstanding Achievement for Global Activism Award. Suffice it to say, she also makes an indelible impact on her audiences. Ani DiFranco and special guest Pieta Brown perform at The Commonwealth Room at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21. Tickets for this 21+ event are sold out at press time; go to or phone 801-741-4200 to check on availability. (Lee Zimmerman)

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Orions Belte, Alex Siegal @ Urban Lounge 3/21
Sun-kissed Norwegian psych-funk trio Orions Belte hit us with a new single last month, "Silhouettes," just in time for a North American tour. The new single is a taste of what's to come, preceding a full album due later this fall. They're bringing their blend of underground pop, psych and world music to many cities, and it's worth going out simply to hear them play this new single. "Silhouettes" is a fantastic blend of genres that ultimately come together to form a groovy, enjoyable sound that takes on a life of its own. It switches up several times; one moment you're hearing soothing synths, then the next you've got crunchy guitar solos and lap steel guitars sneaking in sliding notes. The group has been cranking out tunes quickly since 2018, but this new single is some of their best work yet; it will be exciting to see what the rest of the album sounds like. Supporting the funk trio is LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Alex Siegal, who also dropped a juicy new single ahead of the North American tour. Ever so moody and smooth, "Better Left Unsaid'' is a dreamy, slow burn that feels like a walk on a rainy day. Too many of us can relate to the sentiment of wishing some things had never been said, and Siegal has your back. Journey with him as he feels his feelings with you, and hums along with the creamy guitar on the track. Catch these two unique acts on Tuesday, March 21 at 7 p.m. Tickets for the 21+ show are $15 before that night, and bump to $18 at the door. Grab tickets at (EA)