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Music Picks




“We always speak from our hearts about life as we see it, and life as we would like to see it,” says Blackalicious co-frontman Gift of Gab (Tim Parker). “Nia was forethought, and Blazing Arrow is action.” Nia was the 2000 indie disc he made with partner Chief Xcel (Xavier Mosley), which landed them at MCA for this year’s Blazing Arrow, an ambitious album bound to become a positive-tip hip-hop classic alongside those from frequent comparisons The Roots and Jurassic 5. And to think, Blackalicious have only been at it for 10 years. Thursday, Nov. 14 @ The Union Ballroom, University of Utah, 8 p.m. Tickets: 581-7100.


Texas singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard’s initial ’70s splash in country & western was “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother,” a tune (recorded by both Hubbard and Jerry Jeff Walker) thought to be the sarcastic lefty answer to Merle Haggard’s “Okie From Muskogee,” which sat none too well with Merle. Prior to that, Hubbard’s Cowboy Twinkies mixed up honky-tonk and rock to the point that neither side would have it—yes, the original cowpunk band. Last year’s bluesy Eternal & Lowdown marked a solid return to form, so how’s about a nice Toby Keith jab? Thursday, Nov. 14 @ Peery’s Egyptian Theater, 2415 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 7:30 p.m. Tickets: 801-395-3227.


What’s funnier than the use of an exclamation point in current James Bond flick advertising, namely “Pierce Brosnan!”? Nothing really, but U.K. progressive trance DJ John “00” Fleming has gotten a bit of mileage out of Her Majesty’s Secret Service himself with record titles like License to Thrill and For Your Ears Only. For future reference, how about Dr. Techno? Goldfader? Live and Let Trance? “I love fast cars, and I love gadgets,” Fleming says of his only similarities to Bond. “I wish I had as many women as him.” Octopussy gag, anyone? Thursday, Nov. 14 @ Axis, 108 S. 500 West, 712-5050, 9 p.m.


While teen-pop mothership Jive Records is futilely throwing mega-money at propping up Justin Timberlake’s doomed “solo” career, token label rock band Bowling For Soup are slogging away on the no-budget van-’n’-microwave-burritos circuit pushing Drunk Enough to Dance, the Texas jokers’ second power-pop-punk longplayer for the company that may not know they exist. At least it financed the video for “Girl All the Bad Guys Want,” a hysterical send-up of the Staind Bizkit nü-metal bunch, and there are few live acts who can touch BFS—not even Justin. Friday, Nov. 15 @ Suite 13, 139 S. State, Lindon, 801-785-7313, 7 p.m. (with Ten Foot Pole and Red Bennies).


The names comes from Miles Davis, but that’s where Portland jazz quintet Miles Ahead draws the tribute line—this is original jazz, sans “smooth,” “acid” and “fusion” qualifiers, peppered with a few standards because, well, they have the skills to play the hell out of ’em. “Solid interplay that brings to mind the fabled West Coast sound of Brubek, but with a contemporary bite,” sayeth the Willamette Week. “Though they borrow fusion and rock, they layer it with slippery jazz phrasing and rhythm.” And how often do we get jazzbos doing club tours? Like, never? Friday, Nov. 15 @ Monk’s House of Jazz, 19 E. 200 South, 350-9050, 9:30 p.m.


With Portland jam-band hippies Calobo on permenent vacation, leaders David Andrews and Caleb Klauder have struck out on suprisingly patchouli-free solo ventures. Where Andrews went introspective folk, Klauder has released an excellent album of rootsy southern-smoked alt-country that rocks with more grit and hooks than anything Calobo ever could have mustered, Sings Out. The referential names of Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and even Bob Dylan frequently make their way into Klauder’s stack of reviews, prompting the question, can’t Calobo stay on ice for just a bit longer? Saturday, Nov. 16 @ The Hog Wallow Pub, 3200 Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd., 733-5567, 9:30 p.m.


Another week, another touring act, another ugly bout with the dreaded “e” word: “We are definitely a ‘rock’ band … and that explains nothing,” says exasperated Anniversary singer-guitarist Justin Roelofs. “I definitely know that anyone that calls this music ‘emo’ is a complete moron—our new record was heavily influenced by old rock music, old soul.” That being The Majesty (Vagrant), the Kansas band’s sophomore album that does indeed steer away from the “e” and into classic pop and rock territory—at least 80 percent of the time, morons. Sunday, Nov. 17 @ Bricks, 579 W. 200 South, 7 p.m. Tickets: (with Burning Brides and The Belles).


Sure, Scarface has new album (The Fix) out and a hot label (Def Jam South) to run, but what about a Geto Boys reunion? “Not a chance,” the ex-member told MTV. “If you see that happening, just know they gave me a bunch of money.” Scarface would need it least, having built a solo hip-hop career out of the incendiary Houston crew’s ashes to become the rapper’s rapper, a vet today’s biggest stars still look up to. “I appreciate that, man. I could have easily been lost in the wash like a whole lot of other good rappers.” At press time, the Scarface show had been rescheduled for Sunday, Dec. 15 @ Axis.


If there’s a more perfect soundtrack for the incoming season than Parker & Lily’s Here Comes Winter (Manifesto), keep it far away from manic-depressives. The New York City trio—Parker Noone, Lily Woolfe and the unbilled Christina Campanella—have inspired more David Lynch invocations than Lynch himself would care to count with their dreamy lo-fi Farfisa rave-downs that are part Velvet Underground, Cowboy Junkies and Belle & Sebastian, and all seductive deathbed come-on. As the ever-reliable CMJ once said, P&L “make Low sound like Rage Against the Machine.” Keep the French roast comin’. Wednesday, Nov. 20 @ Bluekats Coffee, 2102 S. 1100 East, 467-7007, 8 p.m.


X (Xscape, Nov. 21). Blues Traveler (Harry O’s, Nov. 21). Korn, Disturbed, Trust Company (E Center, Nov. 21). Eric Bibb (Peery’s Egyptian Theater, Nov. 21). Carlos Washington & Giant People (Lazy Moon, Nov. 23-24). Sum 41 (Xscape, Nov. 24). Three Doors Down (Bricks, Nov. 26). Dope, Primer 55 (Xscape, Nov. 26). Avail, Hey Mercedes (Bricks, Nov. 27). Cannibal Corpse (Nov. 27, Xscape). SheDaisy (Kingsbury Hall, Nov. 27). Saliva, Audiovent (Xscape, Nov. 30). The Supersuckers (Liquid Joe’s, Dec. 2). Tori Amos (E Center, Dec. 7). Def Leppard (E Center, Dec. 14). Bacon Brothers (Eccles Center, Dec. 14). El Vez (Zephyr Club, Dec. 18).