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Thursday 5/25


Norwegian songstress Ane Brun sings in English, with a hint of Joanna Newsom’s staccato inflection. Only Brun sings about more sensible things than sprouts and beans, like how easy it would be to pen an ode to her lover: “I would spend three or four lines on describing your eyes, and then the next three or four lines on the dimple of your smile,” while Ron Sexsmith chimes in his approval. It’s the sort of ballad Matt Costa might have written while recording Songs We Sing, an album built on sweet, simple tunes including “Sunshine” and “I Tried,” both of which Costa’s probably performed around a campfire with good buddy/mentor Jack Johnson. Avalon Theater, 3605 S. State, 6:30 p.m. All-ages. Tickets:

Also Thursday: Ryan Margetts (Kayo Gallery); Jack’s Mannequin (In the Venue); Divine Rite (Urban Lounge); Wise Men (Egos); The Fall (The Depot'see Music, p. 47)

Friday 5/26


New York Hardcore veterans Sick of It All have weathered two decades of raucous shows, controversial record deals, external band rivalries and media scrutiny for an allegedly negative influence on the kids of America. You could chalk up their endurance to a solid sense of humor, one that permeates each album despite the group’s serious commitment to social activism. Their latest release Death to Tyrants is the same tried-and-true sound with new gripes funneled through Lou Koller’s irate growl. Looks like they didn’t sell out after all. In the Venue, 219 S. 600 West, 6 p.m. All-ages. Tickets: (with Stretch Armstrong).


One of the most prolific emcees in underground hip-hop is also one of the most elusive. Lateef the Truth Speaker is typically referenced in relation to his work with Lyrics Born (Latryx), Chief Xcel (Maroons) or as a founding member of Bay Area collective Quannum Projects. Truth is, Lateef’s talents stand alone. So whether he shows up alone or with a crew of talented DJs and wicked masters of the mic, you’re guaranteed to truly recognize an underrated artist. Egos, 668 S. State, 9 p.m. Tickets: 800-888-8499.

Also Friday: Paper Cranes, Vile Blue Shades (Kayo Gallery); Raga P. Show (Urban Lounge); Quadraphonic (Monk’s); Phono, Subrosa (Club Vegas)

Saturday 5/27


What’s in this week? Eighties hair metal! Thanks to Warrant, I’ll never be able to look at a slice of cherry pie in quite the same way. Jani Lane & Co. turned a perfectly nice dessert into a symbol for lascivious thoughts and behavior. Don’t even get me started about swings and fire hoses. For all those who miss those VH1 Classic days of excess booze, women and pastries, this show’s for you. The Depot, 400 W. South Temple, 9 p.m. Tickets:

Also Saturday: What People? (Kayo Gallery); Facing New York (Kilby Court); Ill Nino (Club BoomVa, Ogden); Six Guns, Thunderfist (Egos); Demise 1 CD Release (Urban Lounge); Frustration’s Grip (Club Vegas)

Sunday 5/28

30 Seconds to Mars, Aiden (Avalon Theater); The Boomsticks (Monk’s)

Monday 5/29


A rose by any other name is still a rose, however I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness is a band whose moniker paints a misleading picture. Dramatic calling cards are typically the mark of dime-a-dozen screamo groups, not atmospheric new-wave rockers. Sure, the Secretly Canadian group strays a bit toward theatrics, but their sound is alluring'spooky, romantic and mature. When Christian Goyer laments, “I think about how I miss and how I will remain,” you’ll want to toss him a big bear hug and share in the longing. As their latest release indicates, Fear Is on Your Side'and it’s your greatest ally since the Psychedelic Furs’ Mirror Moves. Kilby Court, 741 S. 330 West, 7:30 p.m. All-ages. Tickets: (with the Rogers Sisters).

Also Monday: Woodbriar (Kilby Court); Joseph Israel (Monk’s); Harry Lee & the Back Alley Blues Band (Zanzibar)

Tuesday 5/30


Usually, musicians who swear, “We’re just five guys who like to play music together,” are just five guys who hate to do interviews. In the case of the Aggrolites, it seems they might actually be telling the truth. For each of their dirty-reggae ditties is a little all-season soundtrack to good times. Groovy organ and War-like harmonies propel the SoCal quartet’s self-titled release on Hellcat Records, an album carved from much respect for Jamaican ska legend Derrick Morgan. Burt’s Tiki Lounge, 726 S. State, 10 p.m. Tickets: 800-888-8499.

Also Tuesday: Charlatans U.K. (In the Venue); The Joggers (Kilby Court); One Self Tour (The Depot)


DJ Micro (In the Venue, June 1). Leon Russell (The Depot, June 1). Gretchen Wilson (Usana Amphitheater, June 3). Groove Junkies (Circle Lounge, June 3). DJ Quik (Harry O’s, June 3). Old Time Relijun (Kayo Gallery, June 5). The Walkmen (In the Venue, June 6). The Eels (The Depot, June 6). Inxs (Delta Center, June 7). Eagles of Death Metal (The Depot, June 7). Katagory V (Club Vegas, June 9). Talib Kweli (Harry O’s, June 9). The Liars (In the Venue, June 12). Twilight Singers (In the Venue, June 13). Kool Keith (Urban Lounge, June 15). Grant Nelson (Circle Lounge, June 17). Neko Case (Suede, June 17). Hank Williams III (The Depot, June 19). Sound Team (Kayo Gallery, June 23).

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