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Music | Portia, Portia, Portia: Numbskull, Elizabethan Report, Illegal Beagle



Portia Early, X96 weekend DJ and host of Live & Local (Sundays, 8-10 p.m.), wants to tell you about three more of her favorite Utah bands and songs:

Numbskull “She’s a Bitch” This is music to listen to when you’re just pissed and want to break everything in sight. “She’s a Bitch” is one of the catchier songs on the forthcoming CD from this crazy metal band who’ve been grinding their teeth on electric guitar strings since at least ’95. The album is tentatively scheduled for release in late May. I’m not a huge fan of metal myself, but I love NS’s new stuff. I really, really do. Any Calibra, Thunderfist or Unlucky Boys fan will soon have a new favorite to add to their Utah rock list—if they haven’t already. I worked with a therapist last year who taught me the cheesy “hit the pillow” technique. Yeah, you got it: Now I get my frustrations out to Numbskull. Thanks for the healing, guys!

Elizabethan Report “Sweat, Swat, Swote!” Think Modest Mouse with more estrogen. “SSS” is the coolest song on ER’s Hola May EP, which sports a “Pollocked” rainbow of paint splatter and nothing else. This Provo bands drips coolness on each of the five songs off their debut effort. The lyrics are just as clever as Utah veterans Red Bennies’ or Starmy’s material. The Talking Heads-like riffs will also make you shake your booty, indeed. I like to listen to this CD after I hit the pillow. Elizabethan started four years ago in Provo with cousins Spencer and Tony Petersen, then they gained popularity playing campfires and the like. Eventually, the shows grew too wild for just a couple of guys on guitars. So, in 2007, they decided to create a bigger band by hiring a female vocalist, a bassist and a drummer. And big is beautiful. Catch them at Kilby Court with Seattle’s Cops on May 6.

Illegal Beagle “Redemption Song” Ska alert! Any X96 Live & Local listener should know by now that I love ska music. This band was introduced to me by my good friends and ska musicians The Upstarts. The only advice I have for you is to see their live performance. They’re a charming, fun ska group perfect for getting your skank on. They don’t have any decent recordings, and I’m here to light a fire under their horn-y asses. The most decent one on their MySpace is a live cover of “Redemption Song.” The others were recorded at the recently re-opened bar turned all-ages venue Outer Rim. I need—no, demand—more!