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My Favorite Mormon


Who is your favorite Mormon?

Alissa Wells: My favorite Mormon is obviously me. And G.B Hink. We tie for being rad-matazz.

Taryn Willis: Me! Wait, does post-Mormon count?!

Bill Frost: Joe Young from Orgazmo. He was always ready to go one more time for Jesus.

Pete Saltas: Shawn Bradley. Without him, Space Jam would have been incomplete.

Rachel Piper: My dear mother, of course. With former Mo’ Ryan Gosling as a close second.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Lorenzo, the coyote puppet from Lorenzo’s Songbook. We spent so many hours singing primary songs together when I was a kid, with me plopped in front of the TV.

Austen Diamond: Props to the Mormons who have made music what we now enjoy today, including the inventors/pioneers of headphones (Nathaniel Baldwin), stereo sound (Harvey Fletcher), the transistor radio (Marvin Harris) and the electric guitar (Alvino Rey).

Eric S. Peterson: I’m quite fond of Jack Mormons, so I should probably give a shout out to Jack Dempsey, the 1920s boxer who arguably put the “Jack” in Jack Mormon and started his career picking saloon fights. The world heavyweight champion was, by all accounts, a “sweet spirit” ... when he wasn’t beating the crap out of people.

Jerre Wroble: I’m partial to the Mormon willing to be the first recipient of an artificial heart: Barney Clark. He lived only 112 days after the operation, but they were brave days.