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Nature of Jackasses


City Weekly founder John Saltas told an anecdote of one speedy, rude bicyclist he didn’t see coming and who didn’t see him, either, nearly causing a collision at a crosswalk [See “Future Dead People,” Private Eye, Jan. 28]. Saltas said he senses a “growing number” of bicyclists rudely ignoring road rules, which drew both commiseration and criticism from online commenters.

Regular online commenters Hayduke and BlackMamba joined Saltas’ rant with talk of cyclist “self-importance” and “fixie-kid posers,” but online commenter debhenry wasn’t impressed. “Your article will serve to scare people from being on the road with these ‘rude cyclists’ and shift them back into their cars, damaging our air, and their health, even further. Maybe we’ll all soon be future dead people in the form of 37,000 vehicle fatalities each year, obesity, or from the worsening quality of the air in the valley.”

Saltas responded in comments that debhenry’s shift-back-to-cars claim is “silly.”

He added, “There are plenty of jackass [motor-vehicle] drivers to go around, too. … My hope is that law-abiding, normal, conscientious bike riders don’t gut-rally behind the jackasses just because each transports on two wheels.”

Online commenter Immamoniker, wrote that incidents like Saltas’ are due to “the general lack of awareness people seem to have for cyclists.” We all need to be aware of jackasses, after all; if we could trust them to follow the rules, they wouldn’t be jackasses. Similar to Saltas, Rant Control — who is not a cyclist — hopes pedestrians and motorists don’t “gut-rally” against cyclists just because each transports differently.