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New Deseret News



Since the Deseret News is less of a true newspaper these days, what should the new name for it be?

Dan Nailen: Since they’re letting people write and submit their own “news,” why not let us all in on the fun? Deseret Mad Libs.

Nick Clark: The Desert Best of Mormon Blogs, or D’BoMB for the hipsters. Q: “What are you reading?” A: “It’s D’BoMB!”

Scott Renshaw: “That’s Values-tainment!”

Lia Pretorius:

Rachel Scott: The Official Mouthpiece of God as per The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

John Paul Brophy: As we used to refer to it at the Tribune: The Deserted News.

Rebecca Andrus: Deseret Ruse

Rachel Piper: Deseret Values Convergence: All the Non-News You Already Know But Want to Ponder Again/Use in a Sacrament Meeting Talk

Bryan Bale: The Propaganda Picayune

Pete Saltas: The Salt Lake Tribune ... Oh, wait. Whoops.

Eric S. Peterson: How about the Deseret Family Home Evening News. That’s something every thought leader could agree on.

Jerre Wroble:
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