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New TV Shows 2010-11: NBC

Video previews of NBC's new 2010-11 series coming this fall.



The Cape: A disillusioned cop becomes Kick-Ass.

Chase: U.S. marshals, Bruckheimer-style.

The Event: National Treasure meets 24—and the president is Blair Underwood!

Friends With Benefits: See Happy Endings from CBS.

Harry's Law: Legal drama with Kathy Bates, who's apparently retired from Sabre.

Love Bites: Romantic dramedy starring Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton.

Outlaw: Jimmy Smits quits the Supreme Court to help The Little Guy.

Outsourced: The Office goes to India.

The Paul Reiser Show: Mad About You star attempts Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Perfect Couples: See Friends With Benefits above.

Undercovers: Chuck meets Mr. & Mrs. Smith—and the boss is Major Dad!

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