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New Utah Rivalry


With BYU out of the way, what new rivalry are you looking for as Utah joins the Pac-12?

John Paul Brophy: Let’s stay with the Cougars theme—beat Washington State!

Susan Kruithof: I am just trying to get through this season of footballs, gridirons, helmets and such. College hoops is the only sport for me. Go Hoosiers! March, the finest month of the year.

Scott Renshaw: I’ll need to wait until at least 2013 for my Stanford Cardinal to visit, but at least my red sweatshirt will blend into the hostile crowd.

Paula Saltas: Going by their recent performances, maybe Olympus High School.

Nick Clark: USC, the 2004 BCS “champions.” They were stripped of their trophy for cheating, thus leaving 2004 without a champion, even with the Utes at 12-0.

Rachel Piper: Thanks to proximity and being all-around jackasses, BYU will still be our archrival, even if the game will be played in sunny September. However, I’d be happy with any California-based rival, as it would give me an excuse to travel somewhere warm during football season.

Erik Daenitz: USC, because Utah people love to hate LA, and UCLA isn’t good enough to be a rival.

Ben Rosch: Stanford, just because their mascot is a tree. Or Montana State, my alma mater.

Jesse Fruhwirth:
The Holy War is the only football game I enjoy, but I’m sure I could learn to live without it.

Dan Nailen: UW for the Seattle nightlife, Oregon for the beer and all the California schools because I might be able to find some relief for my impending glaucoma there. And have you been to Laramie?

Bryan Mannos: I’m having a hard enough time arguing white rice vs brown rice with my dining partner, no time for trivial things like football. ...