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Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad

Monday, April 13



Jewish humor: It has become such a time-tested genre, that an entire episode of Seinfeld once was built around whether someone was converting to Judaism just to use the jokes. But it’s not just the guys who can riff about mother-guilt, take-out Chinese food and Hebrew school; the Bat-Mitzvah-ers are doin’ it for themselves.

For more than six years, the performers of Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad have turned out a fast-paced evening of comedy, music and burlesque that’s culturally specific without being alienating. Comedians Susannah Perlman (“The Obama Girls of Comedy”), Ophira Eisenberg and Shawn Pelofsky, along with dancers Jessi Erian and Amber Bloom, are among the regulars who lead audiences through klezmer-punk remixes of traditional songs and churn out the yuks at the expense of their own Chosen People. These chicks are ready to bring the shtick. (Scott Renshaw)

Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad @ I.J. & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center, 2 N. Medical Drive, 801-581-0098. Monday, April 13, 8 p.m.