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No Bailouts for the Poor


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We need welfare reform once again instead of all the free giveaways. It is time that the money spent to support these families turn into low-interest loans. I think most of us would agree that the children shouldn’t have to live in poverty, go to bed hungry or live without medical care because their parents made bad decisions in having children they can’t afford.

We offer these people food stamps, reduced-cost or free lunches in school, housing assistance, medical aid and school grants—all at a huge cost to the federal and state governments. I’m done seeing my taxes go to encourage the abuse of our welfare system.

If these people would be required to repay all their government handouts after their children turn 18 or finish high school, just maybe we could have a true welfare system that is fair to the children and the taxpayers who made the right decisions to live within their means.

And, hell, yes: Drug test anyone who is receiving welfare benefits, including children who are 16 and over. It’s only fair that, if most of us who are paying into the system are forced to submit to random drug tests, then so should the people getting the benefits.

Dan Senglaub