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No Bigots Here


Last week, Aaron Heineman’s letter “Warts & Betrayals” expressed his disappointment that Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. would abandon Utah for the greener pastures of Beijing, leaving us at the tender mercies of “haughty, holier-than-thou Utah Republican Party theocrats who will run the state into the ground with more regressive laws.”

Frequent poster and blogger Joe Puente wrote that the LDS Church is within its rights to express its political views: “What it comes down to is that all organized religions have the right to address government on any matter they see fit to speak out on. They can speak to congressional committees (and have), they can invite legislators, governors and even presidents to hear what they have to say.”

Black Mamba responded that, although he does object to the undue legislative influence exerted by the church, he’s no bigot: “I´ve lived here all my life, Joe, and although I get chapped now and then at the preposterously dishonest nature and hypocrisy of some (few) members of your church, particularly in business dealings, I´m not a Mormon hater.”

Now, Rant Control’s only wish is that the LDS Church would cease its constant, hypervigilant bedroom patrols. All those murmurs and gasps of outraged disapproval makes it kind of difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.