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I Beg Your Pardon!



No Comments
Ever wonder why your senators or House representatives ignore you? Just read some of the comments on their Facebook posts—like those of Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who tried to stand up against hate. You have to give the man some props for criticizing Trump, whom every other Republican seems to fear like, well, Hitler. "Carrying a Nazi flag or any other symbol of white supremacy is a hateful act that cannot be morally defended, least of all by the leader of a diverse nation still healing from its original sin of racist slavery," he wrote. The post received 1,690 carping comments, such as: "The left calls them Nazis because they disagree!" And, "The left hires people with flags!" Oh, and don't forget the First Amendment ... or the permits. There were also some thank-yous—from Americans.


Count My Vote
Voting should not be this complicated. It should not suddenly be the stuff of high-level conspiracy theories and attempts to stamp out nonexistent voter fraud. In Utah, it's the subject of great controversy and ideological disconnect. You might even say it's part of our history. Indeed, the caucus system has been around a long time, depending on a small core of party activists to congregate on one specific day to choose a candidate. Senate Bill 54 changed the system in 2014, allowing candidates to gather signatures to access the ballot. While many in the GOP like the option, die-hards who rejected Gov. Olene Walker in 2004, and Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010, don't. And now you have John Curtis—a conservative whom conservatives like to call a Democrat—in the running. Count My Vote supporters are considering a new initiative to totally scrap caucuses. How can it be bad to ascertain what the majority of citizens want?


I Beg Your Pardon!
Roger Stone—who's long been manipulating national Republican politics—must be in heaven under this administration. Just this week, he was spinning his yarns over the infamous Bundy family "rotting in prison." Stone, in his "Stone Cold Truth" blog, wrote: "Militarized federal agencies are destroying livelihoods and children's futures. When the people gather to redress grievances, federal mercenaries are called in and threaten to shoot-to-kill." Utah Policy recently reminded the world that Cliven Bundy—despite his violent standoff with federal agents as they attempted to gather his cattle over the $1 million he owes in grazing fees—could be pardoned by a Tea Party-sponsored president.