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No Hannibal For You

8 reasons KSL 5 canned NBC's Hannibal


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Eight reasons KSL 5 will no longer be airing NBC’s Hannibal:

8. They realized a show about violent serial killers might contain violent serial killing.

7. KSL has determined that sadistic bloodshed at 9 is bad for families.

6. Sadistic rape at 8, however, is just fine—Law & Order: SVU, Wednesdays on KSL!

5. KSL would prefer to be applauded for pulling Hannibal rather than taken to task for airing it for four weeks without question.

4. They heard that something gay might happen.

3. There’s enough primetime murder already on The Voice—killing music! Am I right, people? [ba-dum-bump]

2. You’d probably jump at any chance to get out of airing NBC programming, too.

1. KSL hasn’t been mentioned in The Ocho for almost two weeks.

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