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No Mankinis at Mystic Hot Springs


As a longtime hot-springer, I found the cover story about Utah’s hot springs interesting [“Into Hot Water,” Aug. 26, City Weekly]—especially concerning attitudes about nudity. I’m a naturist but recently began wearing a two-sided thong that I made using a thick material to appease the prudish people who are present but still allowing for a whole tan. Thus, the stage was set for my entrance.

I went to Mystic Hot Springs this summer and enjoyed the hot water. Owner Mike Ginsburg came by and did a double take but said nothing. Later in the afternoon, he came over to me at the pool and said I was giving off bad vibes. What? Well, I suspected it was my swimsuit and told him such. He said I had to leave. I told him what was disgusting was allowing people to wear clothes into the water. This is not a laundry!

The mystery is why Ginsburg would buy a commercial hot spring while being so negative about swimsuit styles. If we were all nude there, this would be no issue at all.

Jerry Jackson