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Support for or against renewable energy seem to have colored criticism and praise for our most recent cover story [see “Steam Dream,” Sept. 2, City Weekly]. Those generally in favor of energy alternatives such as geothermal seemed to love our coverage, while others were as critical of the article and as its subject matter.

“I really didn’t understand much about geothermal energy until I read this article,” wrote Kay, “but [reporter] Jim Catano did a great job in explaining.”

“Baloney!” wrote Some Guy. “This ‘reporter’ just reprinted company propaganda without doing any research of his own.”

Jim Catano responded directly to that criticism. “I compared what Raser execs told me to other data from industry and academe about things like the costs associated with the various forms of power generation. What I saw, of course, were conflicts, but Raser’s fell within the ranges I’d found.”

“It’s about time Utah starts doing some green energy and stops watching from the sidelines while each of us gulps down more brown power from Utah coal as we sip our coal-fired lattes,” wrote Ed Green.

“Let’s get more active in supporting renewable energy, especially in our own state,” wrote Shine On. “I hope City Weekly writes more articles like this! Most people just want to know more and what they can do.”

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