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Nutty Buddy



I’m a Michigan fan and an atheist, so why should John Saltas bring us Wolverines into the discussion of Max Hall acting less than Jesus-like in his comments after the Utah/BYU game [“Mini Max,” Private Eye, Dec. 3, City Weekly]? Why not compare BYU’s/Hall’s bad behavior to that school down south and say, “They acted like Buckeyes? It’s just “nuts” to say that every time someone acts poorly, they act like a “wolverine.” Nuts, I tell you! Did any of us Wolverines act nuts when we lost to the U? Did a Wolverine act nuts when we beat the U? It’s just nuts to call acting-out “Wolverine-ish,” I tell you. Nuts.

Since I’m a 60-year-old Michigander transplant, living in the land of Oz, I feel compelled to state that even though I take umbrage at the “wolverine” comparison, I do realize that it was lower- rather than uppercase, and that no offense was intended.

I also realize that the Great Oz requires me to state that this is all very “tongue-in-cheek,” lest it be misconstrued. In other words: “Just kidding.” I also feel compelled to state that “The school down south” is “Ohio State.” OMG! I actually typed those most dreaded of words. Are my fingers going to get leprosy and fall off? And, that a Buckeye, there I go again, is a “nut.” See what living in this state for 13 years has done to me? Oh, the humanity!

I seriously do agree that most BYU-type people should take a step back and ask, “WWJD?” He was supposedly crucified, and what was his response? I believe it was something like, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Not, “I hate those damned Romans. I wish they would have spilled beer on Mary and Joseph instead of nailing me to this bloody cross!” Do I go too far? Perhaps, but then, I’m not from around these parts, and know that a fork is a fork, and not a fark.

Dave Budden
Sandy (but formerly from Detroit, “where the weak are killed and eaten!”)