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Obama's Floundering



President Obama is in disarray and heading in many directions, thereby diluting our efforts, our energies, and our resources needed to move this country forward. It seems like President Obama is continuously hovering over us—on TV, radio and the Internet—in campaign mode to promote his agenda of large-scale social programs: big government, government control of domestic programs and the appeasement and enabling of our adversaries, such as:

• A stimulus plan that has created on the order of a few hundred-thousand jobs, because the recovery plan was poorly designed and concentrated on social-welfare programs. Obama predicted the creation of 3.5 million new jobs by the end of 2010. We will be lucky if 1 to 1.5 million new jobs are created.

• A $2 trillion deficit in FY 2010 and annual deficits of $1 trillion for many years thereafter. Our national debt will go from $11.5 trillion now to $24 trillion by 2019.

• Government involvement in private industry, with huge bailouts of the automobile manufacturers, AIG and major banks.

• A government-run health-care program with more government interference and control. It could cost $1 trillion, and to help pay for it Obama proposes to significantly raise taxes on successful individuals and small businesses. The crushing costs could force many small businesses into bankruptcy. And, Obama’s healthcare opponents are being labeled by the administration as right-wing extremists.

• A $12 billion program for community colleges.

• A cap-and-trade policy that will hurt the U.S. economy.

• Alternative-energy programs that will only provide 10 percent to 20 percent of our energy requirements. We need domestic oil and natural gas production and nuclear power plants.

• Financial regulatory reforms generating government control of private industry, and some economically unsound programs. Example: The administration wants the net asset value of money market funds to float up and down from $1 in response to economic conditions. This will kill money market funds and the safe havens investors seek in times of financial uncertainty.

• Completely exiting Iraq by 2010. This could lead to civil war and more instability in the Middle East.
 • Significantly ramping up the war in Afghanistan. We will probably have 100,000 troops there within a few years, which will continue a drain on our economy and military. This is Obama’s war.
 • A very timid response to the Iranian government crackdown on demonstrators, and a lackluster response to the development of Iranian nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.

• A weak response to North Korean belligerence and its development and proliferation of nuclear weapons and long range missiles.

• Cozying up to and appeasing the dictators of the world. Barack Obama could be the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century.

President Obama has his fingers in many pies. He has to start prioritizing his policies and programs, and concentrate on focused and rational domestic and global initiatives most crucial to our economy and security. He has to extricate himself from all the gooey pies, overcome his reckless arrogance and start being a chief executive.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, N.H.