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Occupy the Mormons



Occupy movements in Utah are a great idea, but they astoundingly ignore the smug, undeservedly self-righteous elephant sprawled inside every Occupy discussion room here: the Mormon corporation (deceptively called the Mormon or LDS “Church”) and its top leaders (aka its General Authorities and rich Mormons).

Headquartered here, the Mormons have virtually complete power over Utah, and they are in lock-step conspiracy with the Wall Street and other ever-greedier, thieving, amoral, filthy-rich 1 percent to reduce the other 99 percent to slave-class status, thereby producing the lowest possible labor costs—with those designated scapegoats (i.e., LGBTs), those not productive enough, and those who are just excess labor force, being completely expendable.

They are far and away the biggest and most powerful local culprits in the filthy-rich 1 percent’s war on everybody else. It’s time to say “NO” to them and their corrupt, amoral puppets in local, state and national politics and government. You can’t seriously, let alone effectively, Occupy Salt Lake City or any other part of Utah and not target the Mormon corporation.

Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City