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Ode to a Famous Splitboarder

A certain somebody is wished a happy birthday.


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Roberto Freire, a famous Brazilian psychiatrist, once wrote, “Love wasn’t made to be comprehended, just to be lived.” We always have some stuff that, even if we change, it will never leave us. And one thing that never left me is this crazy will to live life like each day is my last one; to live without bothering myself with what people think about me and to find somebody just like me.

Five months ago, that “somebody” appeared and, like me, he only knows how to be happy his way. All of the bright people who simmer in history—Rimbaud, Hunter Thompson, Bukowski, Marilyn Monroe, Bowie, and Jim Morrison—insisted on showing they existed despite a black cloak of moralism that tried to cover their stories.

This somebody never liked anything that binds him—from behavior standards to political and ideological dogmas. This somebody knows that the hour to be free is now, not in the future, and he’s fully aware that waiting for the creation of a freer and fairer world to live his life the way he want to, is a waste of time. This somebody questions all the concepts that this world make us swallow—the same simplistic issues that boosted all the counter-cultural movements in history, the good and old rock & roll, punk, May ’68, Zen Buddhism … movements that changed an epoch, that showed people the power they have, helping society break the chains of conservatism.

This somebody knows that there will always be those who are uncomfortable with his happiness, who need to criticize anyone with the courage to live or to be different. This somebody’s life is represented by living and fighting, and it’s summed up by not caring about such people and their judgments, concepts or any other form of control.

This somebody sees%uFFFD it is just ridiculous people talking prettily but acting with such mediocrity, most of the time speaking about respect. It’s easy to talk about “respect” when it only serves to rhyme with “correct,” in song lyrics. And the somebody knows that very well: music runs in his blood, headgear for his operation.

On May 16, that somebody will complete 34 years of life lived his way: off the map. And I guarantee he will continue to be delivered to what makes him happy. His life is full of intense and memorable moments. This somebody is impulsive and always chooses "to do" before regretting not to have done it. He wasn’t born to observe. And if life always surprises him, so be it, the sin would be in not living it. Furthermore, the most fascinating thing about being alive is to see that we really are victims of life’s whims.

This somebody is named Christopher Park—“the famous splitboarder”—a musician-to-be, owner of the ruthless eagle claw with the most priceless smile, who is, above all, a truthful friend. He made me see that beauty is not a conquest, a dream or something possible or desirable. It simply happens, simply “is,” and its value is bigger than biological existences. He made me see that beauty is independent of space and time, and nothing can change its essence, not our follies, our choices nor our yearnings.

Therefore, Chris, I wish you the best 34 year anniversary. And continue to be just like your essence: unique.


Mayella Rawietsch Krause