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One Nightclub

Really ridiculously good-looking people



I’m not sure what it is about this spot, but if Derek Zoolander were in SLC for a night and he were looking for a club that was filled with really, really ridiculously good-looking people, I think he would love One Nightclub (180 W. 400 South). I mean that in a good way. This place is like a bar for models, and Fridays and Saturdays are when One truly crushes it. The weekend success is partially due to resident ass conductor DJ Brisk, who is undoubtedly your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ, on top of the half-million-dollar light & sound system, $4 Red Bull vodkas and $2 shots. For even more boozy, yet beautiful, people, check out the Models to Bottles party Sept. 22.


The highlights of One:
Jason Woolsey, Rory Kalmar


Hooray for beer:
Hiki Alaf, Moe Als, Kano Aokandari, Moosa Jafar


They refused to Blue Steel:
Diana Granillo, Tina Nhem


At least these bachelorettes aren’t wearing anything penis-related:
Annie Elder, Riki Brown, Shalana Ludlow

Twitter: @WolfColin