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Saturday July 10 - Sunday July 11


Chicago is well known for improvisational—mostly sketch—comedy from its legendary Second City troupe that has garnered fame for fostering the talents that make up the backbone of Saturday Night Live. OosImaginary, on the other hand, is theatrical arts—but improvisation nonetheless.

Created by a small but energetically large performance-arts group that calls the Windy City home, OosImaginary focuses its attention on fine tuning that elusive art of improv.

Consisting of a trio of performers—Lisa Frank, Teddy Rankin-Parker and Sam Goodman—the troupe is currently on a mini national tour, blending mediums into a whirlwind and intense performance that synthesizes forms with results that are surprisingly unpredictable for audiences and performers alike.

Through pure intensity and intuition, the troupe is a quest to “strive for a holistic, or ‘total’ improvisation, in which roles of musician, dancer and actor may disintegrate, leaving nothing but space, bodies in it and their tools of expression.”

OosImaginary @ Sugar Space Studio for the Arts, 616 Wilmington Ave. (2190 South), 888-300-7898, July 10-11, 8 p.m., $10-$12. TheSugarSpace.com

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