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Opening the Door to Fascism



It’s clear why the U.S. Constitution states that politics and religion need to keep out of each other’s business, particularly with what has been happening as of late.

Every one of the Republican presidential candidates, except Huntsman, is spewing their religiousness, which centuries of examples show is not a good idea. (“When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” —Sinclair Lewis)

To further the example, it is causing problems within the Republican Party itself. After paying attention to all this, I came across the article in the Deseret News saying that the attacks against Romney are anti-Mormonism and the prejudice of our age. I about fell out of my chair.

I had to comment. I said, “Prejudice of our age? Really? I’m offended. Mormons spent $22,000,000 to legalize prejudice in California.”

I was shocked that my comment was not approved or posted, since I don’t see where my comment violates any of the posting rules. This concerns me greatly and seems to prove to me what Sinclair Lewis said many years ago.

To further my concern is what President Eisenhower (a Republican and a general) said, also many years ago, warning us to not become the Military Industrial Complex. Obviously, that is what this country has become today. (Romney recently stated that if he becomes president, he would strengthen the military!)

This all reeks of fascism, and the Republicans are supporting it full on. I know many people think that’s ridiculous and that could never happen in America. Well, that way of thinking opens the door.

Allen Schrenk
Salt Lake City