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Orange Utahn: Art by Hogle Zoo's Orangutans

Through Aug. 28



Orangutan is derived from the Malay words meaning “Man of the Forest.” Sadly, the two remaining habitats for these creatures are being cleared for industrial palm-tree plantations, which could spell extinction for their species in the wild. Like other communities faced with an imminent catastrophe, Hogle Zoo’s orangutans are launching a grassroots effort to help save their native homelands in Borneo and Sumatra.

Mom Eve, Dad Elijah, child Acara and fellow primate Talukan have all been paired with local artists such as Eddy Del Rio to create masterpieces as different as their personalities—Eve is known to eat her materials when dissatisfied. All proceeds from the sales of these emotional and unique works of art go directly to save those endangered forests, home to these unusually gifted animals.

Orange Utahn: Art by Hogle Zoo’s Orangutans @ Salt Lake City Public Library, Anderson- Foothill Branch, 1135 S. 2100 East, 801-594-8611, through Aug. 28.

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