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Our Very Own Movie



Who will play Tom Welch, the Olympics fall guy, in the movie depicting the Great Salt Lake Olympic Scandal? Well—this is no joke—Linda Fantin, The Salt Lake Tribune’s rock ’em sock ’em Olympics reporter, says it could be John Goodman, the guy who played Roseanne’s beer-swilling husband.

Producer Bonnie Raskin says the made-for-TV movie, to be called Let The Games Begin, will air on cable channel FX just before the 2002 Winter Games. Cool.

So, here at Smartbomb we’ve been investigating who will play the other lead roles. And there are so many juicy parts in this dramatic comedy. According to our inside Hollywood sources, we now have some idea how the casting could turn out—maybe, or maybe not.

Playing the back-stabbing role of Deedee “Give Me That Money” Corradini will be Madonna. The Material Girl is perfect for the part because she looks great in red and has a talent for playing the manipulator, particularly of dumb men. Naturally she comes out of the scandal without a scratch, but with a very rich husband.

Kevin Spacey, who played the evil Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects, will get the nod as Gov. Mike “I Didn’t Connect the Dots” Leavitt. Spacey has the right amount of cunning for the deft, dumb-like-a-fox role that defines the hayseed governor. When it’s over and the bodies are being counted, Spacey makes a slick getaway.

The stiff, highbrow role of the late Frank Joklik will go to Hal Holbrook, our sources say. Holbrook is particularly good at playing the aloof and snotty part of the late SLOC CEO. He got the part after a screen test when he said airily, “It wasn’t a bribe, it was humanitarian aid.” In the end, Holbrook is left to walk the plank.

Our sources say Warren Beatty will get the role of Mitt Romney, who comes in to save the day. The producers apparently loved Beatty for his rugged good looks and his ability to play a smarmy politician, while at the same time a brutal executive behind the scenes. At one point, according to the script, Beatty gets it on with Madonna under a desk at SLOC.

Bill Murray will make a cameo appearance as Mayor Rocky Anderson. Murray is at his best with this kind of naïve, oh-let’s-just-all-be-honest-here role. In his only speaking line, Murray, dressed in a red jump suit, waves a giant Olympic flag at the Opening Ceremony and says, “Isn’t this just great! The Olympics are so cool!”

Last but not least, KTVX reporter Chris Vanocur was reportedly thrilled to learn his part will be played by Adam Sandler. The tall, dark Sandler, who broke in on Saturday Night Live, apparently shares a lot of Vanocur’s mannerisms and traits. They both have the ability to look very … um, intelligent. In the end, Sandler drives off with his source, the cute SLOC communications director played by Drew Barrymore.

Now that’s entertainment!