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Pam Bowman & Anne Spencer

Friday, June 5-Thursday, July 23



How different is the rhythm of daily life in China from that in the United States? In a new mixed-media exhibit at Finch Lane Gallery, Pam Bowman—who recently spent a year in China—juxtaposes domestic ritual and repetition in neighborhoods from Nanjing to Provo. Video and collage are employed, as the artist describes it, to concentrate on “the commonality of humankind rather than focusing on the exotic.”

Also featured this month at Finch Lane, photographer Anne Spencer showcases new work in Women of Rock and Ice. Her black-and-white images (“Carissa” is pictured) capture women engaging in extreme outdoor activities—role models for the active life rather than fashion models.

“To show the grit in their character,” Spencer says of her photographic subjects, “is all the more effective by seeing it through film grain.”

Pam Bowman & Anne Spencer @ Finch Lane Gallery, 54 Finch Lane, 801-596-5000, June 5–July 23.

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