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Commander-in-chief keeps lowering the bar.



While his mini-ninnies huddle beneath the White House tables like a Midwest clan awaiting the touchdown of an EF5 tornado, the storm of President Donald Trump's verbal and behavioral abortions continues to wreak havoc in the civilized world.

I find myself asking, "Why couldn't he have just stopped at the familiar boundaries of his sick little world—grabbing pussies and frolicking with hookers in his Moscow hotel room while his "stellar" art-of-the-deal business interests crumbled and burned in the bankruptcy courts?

That's what Trump was; that's what he is today. The only thing that's changed is his title, expanding the audience for his theatrics and inviting the scrutiny of 300 million Americans and the duly-disgusted billions around the world. At least he was in his own element back then, before his Soviet buddies got him launched into shoes too big to fill. For Trump, there's no growing into that mantle of presidential dignity. He needs to go back where he belongs.

The most disturbing truth is not that he is a monster. That's bad enough, sure. He doesn't seem to be able to do anything but stir controversy and sow misery and pain. But, even more horrific, is the matter of inexcusable congressional abdication in dealing with a president who has become the worst blow to America since its inception. Trump's reckless diplomatic missteps and his bull-in-the-china-shop antics have precipitated international tragedy, tortured the innocent young, insulted all of our friends, threatened the demise of our democracy and ensured highly-predictable political and economic repercussions for our allies.

We elected our senators and representatives—not to kowtow to their suspected Russian-operative-president, but to take stands on issues that are important to the future of our country. Well, Orrin, Mike, Rob, Chris, John, Mia, now's a good time to take the appropriate action for your constituents. Somehow transformed into a sorry-ass bunch of deaf-mutes, even the otherwise seemingly-respectable most honorable congressmen aren't saying "boo." You'd think that, in an organization so large, at least a few would stand up and be heard. That simply isn't happening. Congress is a disgrace to the values of our Founding Fathers, and Utah's own senators and representatives are as bad as they get. Instead of forging ahead to drain Washington's ugly swamp, they are swimming with the crocodiles and mating with the swamp's ugliest residents. Every one of them should be sent packing in the November elections for failing to stop Trump's ongoing carnage.

Stuck in the clear understanding that their country is now led by a gigantic juvenile ego driven by a pea-sized brain, Congress is silently hoping, like the rest of us, that this hideous nightmare will somehow end. It has the power but lacks the integrity to rein in the president. Even the eternal optimists' hopes are being dashed by the events of the past month—a time during which Trump has solidly completed the alienation of other world powers. While the matter of NATO countries underfunding the defense coffers is largely legitimate, Trump essentially told our allies to go fuck themselves. In his usual Whack-A-Mole style, he offered no suggestions for compromise. He seeks no resolution. (I guess that's the art of the deal.)

Late and truant from some of his scheduled meetings, he didn't even have the decency to apologize. Trump's meetings at NATO and his badly mannered height-of-rudeness visits with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II, demonstrated that, just when we think we've seen the worst of his behavior, he is soaring to new heights as the ultimate negative superlative. True to form, Trump insulted May, broke every protocol during his audience with the Queen and managed to get caught in yet another of his well-documented lies. While he claimed #FakeNews over a London newspaper report of his demeaning censure of May, his denials were derailed. This time he can't point his finger, accusing the American press of alleged dishonesty. The publication responded with a tape of Trump's interview. Bingo, gotcha! And, in Trump's characteristic worship of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, he muzzled the mainstream American press at a briefing, claiming that he would only respond to questions from his own news service: Fox.

The week's steady faux pas stream was crowned by his bungled and abrasive visit to the U.K., but the damage Trump did at NATO will live in infamy for years to come. While I quite like the moniker, "The Rabid Orange Raccoon," his awful behavior has inspired yet one more: From now on I'm going to call him "The Dictator," but I'm dropping the last two syllables.

I can't wait until Americans finally take action, delivering Trump's favorite line to the man himself: "You're fired!"

Retired business owner Michael S. Robinson Sr. lives in Riverton with his wife, Carol, and one mongrel dog. Send feedback to


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