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Park City

Utah's Coldest Beer 2011



Park City
The resort town to the east might seem far away, especially when there’s heavy snow for the drive through Parley’s Canyon, but it’s always fun to bounce up and down Main Street and bar-hop like you can’t do in Salt Lake City. Of course, Park City isn’t all about Main Street anymore.

35.7 Lindzee O’Michaels Mixologists
The owner combined his kids’ names and came up with the distinctive bar name. Because it’s on “lower” Main Street, there’s a more laid-back vibe here. Maybe it’s because they’re locals, or maybe they’re bikers or maybe they’re boarders. Regardless, the mood is friendly and welcoming. Prompt service gets that icy beer to you while it’s still shivering. There’s live music Fridays and Saturdays along with DJ One and MC Moon Slapper on Mondays, and good vittles aplenty prepared by The Bridge restaurant upstairs. 825 Main, Park City, 435-658-1183,

36.7 Downstairs
Editor’s Note: Republishing 2010’s blurb at the manager’s express request: It’s classy with a laid-back vibe, accented by a fireplace, wood floors and leather upholstery. The spacious dance floor is inviting, waiting for you to make your moves—which you’ll want to do with the Downstairs’ roster of national DJs and musicians. This “intimate venue” appeals to both locals and visitors. With live music Thursdays and Fridays, the DJs make the scene on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The “infectious” energy of the place really does feel a bit groovy. 625 Main, Park City, 435-226-5340,

36.9 Jupiter Bar
One thing about Kimball Junction: They get it (except for the acres upon acres of parking lots). The attractions, eateries and shopping of Kimball Junction are quite appealing, especially Jupiter Bowl. Every night, the bar at this upscale bowling alley offers a slice of nightlife that should not be missed: Monday is SIN (service-industry night), Tuesday is $3 day (burgers, pints, bowling and billiards: all $3 each), Wednesday is karaoke night, there’s live music on Thursdays, Jupiter Bowl “After Dark” on Fridays and Saturdays and family fun on Sundays. 1090 Center Drive, Park City, 435-658-2695.

38.0 Flanagan’s on Main
Given the rock-solid association between Utah’s Irish immigrants and its mining history, it’s fitting that there is now a cottage-style pub to soothe one’s Irish soul, located right on Main Street. Here, you can sip the perfect pint of draft, including Guinness and Tetley’s. To accompany that cold pour, you’ll want to sample the Irish-American food items, including fish & chips, beef stew and shepherd’s pie. It’s a true Irish pub—very laid back—offering locals and visitors live music, conversation and sports on the telly. If you’re craving the lost art of a board game, this is the place to bring your friends; you’ll find a wide variety of games to choose from. 438 Main, Park City, 435-649-8600,

38.4 No Name Saloon
If you’re looking for a historic mining-town bar, this is the place. It has the vintage frontier-town feel, offering up legendary buffalo burgers and nachos to tame any appetite, and not for a huge outlay of cash, either. Don’t get tethered to your seat when you’re there—check out the antique fixtures and collectibles that adorn the bar, including a 1942 Harley Davidson that once belonged to Caesar (owner of the eponymous bike shop on State Street in Sandy) hanging from the ceiling. Upstairs is a cozy deck. 447 Main, Park City, 435-649-6667,

40.5 Sidecar
It’s a friendly, clean, modern joint with an appealing deck, serving up live music and DJs four nights a week. But perhaps the Sidecar’s biggest feat is as a five-year tenant of the Main Street Mall, an architectural throwback that remains perplexingly vacant on a street teeming with world-class resort shopping. The Sidecar manages to keep the lights on, due in part to its friendly staff, delicious Fat Kid pizza and wings, decent dance floor and roster of regional touring bands. Perhaps the most exciting news is that manager Layne Edwards wants to offer Salt Lakers reasonably priced transportation to and from the club if you call a day ahead (435-729-9149) to reserve the limo. These guys want to lavish love on the locals, so what are you waiting for? 333 Main, Park City, 435-645-7468,

40.7 O’Shucks Bar & Grill (Park City)
Even Park City, resort town that it is, is entitled to a dive bar. This one draws an eclectic crowd of ski bums, restaurant workers and cranky poets who’ve had it up to here with uppity tourist joints. Since 1994, O’Shucks has been serving up great drinks and grub at recession-era prices. Check out the garlic burger ($3) and schooners ($3) meal deal. They’re especially proud of their cheap well drinks that brim with premium liquor. And, yep, there are those ever-lovin’ free peanuts that you can crack, eat and scatter upon the floor without eliciting any scowls. 427 Main, Park City, 435-645-3999

42.2 Blind Dog
Housed in a rather immense building across from the cemetery (which we’re taking as a good omen), Blind Dog is an East Coast-style seafood restaurant that serves noteworthy appetizers and sushi. And if you just want to stop by for a cold beer, you’re in the right place. The bar makes all its mixes and juices from scratch. The wine list, with 330 labels, will make your lips pucker. So just hang with the Blind Dog crowd, made even sweeter by live acoustic music on Friday and Saturday nights. 1251 Kearns Blvd., Park City, 435-655-0800,

42.6 Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery
Easterners grow up eating great Italian, and they expect to die eating great Italian. The problem is when they move out West—2,000 miles from Mama’s home cooking. Luckily, Maxwell’s is here to fill the void, serving up Fat Kid specialties: pizzas and home-style Italian pastas, salads and sandwiches. The long wooden bar here is also a hit, a great place to sip a cold one and enjoy pleasant company, seven days a week. But above all is the patio, which, on a summer’s eve cooled by mountain breezes, is made complete by your presence. 1456 Newpark Blvd., Park City, 435-647-0304,

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