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Park Silly Sunday Market

May 28-Sept. 27



The open-air Park Silly Sunday Market is more than just one thing, besides being silly that is. Think farmers market, street festival and funky community gathering all wrapped together with an eco-friendly mandate.

Taking place over the course of 15 Sundays during the sunny months of a mountain summer, this “no trace left behind” and “zerowaste” market is hell-bent on bringing the Park City community together. Each Sunday’s vendors are unique from week to week and offer locally grown produce, distinctive and eclectic local art and wares, delicious gourmet foods and various nonprofit groups to inform and educate. The mountain market also features musicians and performance artists, even going so far as to provide a free space for anyone willing to perform an interactive art experience. It also is the one event you have to attend in order to figure out just what a Park Sillian actually looks like.

Park Silly Sunday Market @ Main Street, Park City, 435-655-0994, May 28-Sept. 27, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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