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Partying with KRCL

Our street teamer, Brianna, recounts the Polar Jubilee


  • Brianna McGruder

The KRCL Polar Jubilee was the place to be on December 3rd. Celebrating 31 years of great music, KRCL contributors and listeners spent the night bringing in the winter season while raising funds to support KRCL. Proud to be a diverse and progressive radio station, KRCL caters to listeners interested in eclectic, cool music.

When walking through the glass doors of the Salt Lake Hardware Building to enter the celebration, I was met by a stylish, sophisticated crowd. The plethora of pretty ladies and groups of good-looking gents roamed the space, sipping drinks and enjoying the night. Great music accompanied the lovely crowd. The first band I heard was Mad Max & the Wild Ones. Their spin on bluesy rock was fantastic and their appeal grew even greater when their adorable, 9 year old lead singer took the microphone, one Duke Maxwell. His ability to howl with such intensity was incredibly impressive and the audience was consumed by his presence. Mad Max & the Wild Ones is assembled by father Max, oldest son Wyatt, middle son Cole and youngest son Duke. They performed together exceptionally well and provided the type of cool rock-n-roll one might expect to hear on KRCL.

During a mini-intermission, the crowd continued to sing, drink and be merry. With a saxophone, guitar, ukulele and several voices, a group sang Christmas songs. As they got louder, more people joined in until they had formed a little circle of carolers.


The next band, Spell Talk, also brought a great sound to the party. As the winners of the 2010 City Weekly Music Awards, they proved to be worthy of their title. Spell Talk’s psychedelic rock was accented by one common physical characteristic all four members shared, a spectacular head of hair. I was lucky enough to snap a photo of guitar player Dylan Roe’s long, lovely brown waves.

By the end of the evening, it was apparent that the KRCL Polar Jubilee was a success. With such a great turnout, music, drinks, and over-all atmosphere, the party demonstrated a level of cool that only KRCL could provide. To learn more about KRCL Radio, and their many awesome programs, visit

View my KRCL Polar Jubilee photos, here! View the video of this event here!

By Brianna McGruder