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Patrick Munger: Drawings

Friday, March 20



High Life salon has featured some of the most adventurous displays for a “non-gallery,” including last year‘s Promethean Scott Whitaker metal sculptures. This month, it’s Patrick Munger’s first artistic exhibit, although his brightly colored “Lake of Salt” line of tennis shoes has been in stores locally and abroad since last year. The same sense of color informs his drawings as well, some of them featuring geometric patterns resembling an Etch-a-Sketch, some with a series of faces in repetition, resembling Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” on acid. “Diversity 1” (pictured) connects a pair of 19 parallel points inside a rectangle, creating 365 unique lines, representing the days of the Gregorian calendar, while also metaphorically representing the infinite connectivity of all matter in our dimension in space/time. He says this illustrates his theme of “Time vs. Manifestation/ Manifestation Among Time,” But you don‘t have to understand quantum physics to recognize an astonishing new talent on the local art scene is demonstrated here.

Patrick Munger: Drawings @ High Life, 245 E. Broadway, 801-906-2399, through April 15.