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Pay Per Read

Are there any local reporters or columnists you would pay to read? Who and how much?


Are there any local reporters or columnists you would pay to read? Who and how much?

Eric Peterson: At the risk of starting some fundraiser for my competition, I would pay the equivalent of a good monthly magazine subscription to read the works of Rober Gehrke, Tom Harvey, Lee Davidson, Tommy Burr and Ben Winslow. If they started their own investigative blog, site, paper, zine, newsletter, whatever, I’d pay money for it.

Kolbie Stonehocker: I’d pay $5 to read any story by Eric Peterson, Colby Frazier or Stephen Dark (I’m sure they’re worth a lot more, I’m just broke). And I’d pay Colin Wolf in penis cakes and bags of Chile Limon Diminitas Doritos so I could read the Secret Handshake.

Scott Renshaw: I suppose I already do, inasmuch as I’m a Salt Lake Tribune subscriber. If the question is whether I’d pay more, I suppose that depends on what’s in it for me. Come on, Trib, time for Kickstarter-esque perks, like a personalized T-shirt, or maybe a column on the topic of my choice.

Rachel Piper: I’m a longtime fan of columnist Mark Saal of the Standard-Examiner. I’d pay for a daily subscription to his column, Pat Bagley’s cartoons, and a serialized version of Erin Alberty continuing her “Dude, really, I’m not a prostitute” story.

Sarah Arnoff: I would pay the folks down at the Beehive Bugle so I could keep reading their highly amusing headlines. I also might pay to read Robert Kirby’s column, but only if he started a YouTube channel where he re-enacts the antics that he writes about.