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Pizza Parity


Food critic Ted Scheffler likes Utah pizza so much he listed 15 individual favorites [see “Utah’s Best Pizza Joints,” Feb. 25,], but some commenters still feel desperate for a good pie, even after the long list.

Jason had another favorite: “The Pie is, overall, simply more generous with toppings, I think, but their Greek pizza is out of this world.”

“I’d love to see Z Pizzeria in your next list,” wrote Ryan K. “They make a Buffalo pizza that is amazing.”

“Thanks for recommending Sweet Home Chicago, I’ll look forward to giving it a try. Any recommendations for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza?” wrote sheri. “My current favorite is Este, by the way. In addition to the pizza, I love the garlic-bread knobs.”

Chad Brotherson, though, said the pizza at Sweet Home Chicago is not authentic. “To those of us that have visited Chicago and have had the chance to indulge in the real deal, we know better than to compare the two.”

Sonia wrote that she hasn’t had a decent pizza in the 15 years she has lived in Utah. … “I’m thinking it might be a lack of decent tomatoes? Similar to how the beef tastes different out here—or maybe so few Italians?”

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