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Plan-B Theatre Company: Borderlands

Friday March 31–April 10 @ Rose Wagner Center



BYU professor and playwright Eric Samuelsen has previously brought to Plan-B Theatre Company plays like Miasma and Amerigo that explored the difference between the “official story” and what is real. In Borderlands, he continues that exploration in a tale about people trying to reconcile their real selves with what an “official story” tells them they’re supposed to be.

A teenager named Brian faces perhaps the most obvious of these conflicts: He’s a Mormon, and he’s gay. But he may also be the most open of the four main characters in how he doesn’t meet his culture’s expectations. One by one, they all begin to acknowledge the ways in which they stray and struggle within the Mormon mainstream—in what they believe, in how they live, in how they make peace with their heterodoxy (or don’t). It’s a tale for all those whose sense of cultural obligation keeps them estranged from their truest selves.

Plan-B Theatre Company: Borderlands @ Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. Broadway, 801-355-2787, March 31–April 10, $20.,