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Please Protect Us From Tigers


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I note that the Utah Legislature has allocated $300,000 to prevent the re-introduction of wolves in Utah.

That’s all well and good—but what about tigers? Tigers can cause far greater depredation of livestock and wildlife than wolves, and a tiger is many times more dangerous to humans than any wolf. So, why were these legislators dead set on allowing tigers to be introduced, while keeping wolves out?

You say: There are currently no proposals to introduce tigers into Utah. But that’s a false argument, since there are likewise no current proposals to introduce wolves. The Legislature was being proactive to the tune of a third of a million dollars, heading things off in case a wolf proposal might emerge. So why didn’t they also protect Utah’s citizens and animals from the tigers that might be introduced if such a proposal were to come up?

This is a travesty against the people of Utah. In their name, I demand that the governor convene a special session of the Legislature to provide us with protection from the specter of marauding bands of tigers, slaughtering our sheep and eating our babies.

Salt Lake City


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