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Pole Palace

Heins and others founded The Salt Mine.



Hitting the gym on the regular can be difficult for even the most dedicated, so if you're looking for a fun new way to shake up your fitness routine, check out The Salt Mine, a co-op pole-dancing studio. The Salt Mine is a place where clients can learn new pole-dancing techniques or even host private parties.

The Salt Mine got its start in 2014 when Mel Heins, one of the co-owners, asked different instructors in the pole-dancing community to perform in a showcase. The group had so much fun performing together that soon they were looking for a consistent spot to rehearse. When their current location became available, Heins and others founded The Salt Mine. Now, it's co-owned by Heins, Katie Peterson and Sarah Baird, all of Salt Lake City.


Peterson loves running a business where the entire pole-dancing community can come together in their journey. "We offer different contracts that allow a person to use The Salt Mine as a student, a trainer who has full control over her classes, or a key holder who can have access to The Salt Mine at their convenience," she says.

All Salt Mine instructors are certified and insured. The Salt Mine also brings in guest instructors and programs periodically. On March 19 and 20, The Salt Mine is hosting the first Flexibility Flow instructor training in the United States. "Flexibility is something I have to work hard at and something my students are always wanting more of," Heins says. "This is an expert training and is going to be amazing. It's a great program to help them meet their goals safely."

And the fun doesn't end there—The Salt Mine will be hosting Josiah Grant in April. "[Grant] is a really special pole dancer with his own style," Heins says. "All levels are welcome." Grant will also be available for a meet-and-greet event on April 22.

"We like to invite famous pole people from all over the world and host them for the community," Heins says. In June, Karol Helms will be coming, and in November Jeni Janover will be bringing her "Liquid Motion" movement method back to Salt Lake City.

"The best part of working at the Salt Mine is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many amazing people," Peterson says. "As an instructor I love seeing the self-confidence my students gain with each class. As an owner, I love working with [Heins] and [Baird]. We all have this vision for the Salt Mine and, as our vision becomes reality, it pushes us to expand our vision."

Not sure you're ready to jump up on the pole? You can still check out The Salt Mine. Instructor and co-owner Sarah Baird also teaches yoga on Tuesday and Thursday nights—all skill levels are welcome. A three-class package is $30, or each class is $15.