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Police Violence Must Be Addressed



On Jan. 9, police officers of Utah’s Joint Criminal Apprehension Team allegedly shot and killed Kelly Fay Simons, an unarmed 38-year-old woman and suspect in a series of robberies. As of yet, no significant evidence has been produced linking Simons to the crimes or proving that she posed a threat necessitating lethal force in apprehension.

This is not an isolated event, but part of a larger trend of police violence in the Salt Lake Valley, such as the fatal shooting of unarmed Danielle Willard by West Valley Police in November 2012.

To be frank, under any other circumstances, these events would be called murders, and I do not believe a police uniform makes these killings any less deplorable.

If you feel, as I do, that this brutal and excessive behavior requires a response, please join in a demonstration against police violence Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Salt Lake Public Safety Building (315 E. 200 South), at 1 p.m. The legitimacy of police tactics must be brought into question in light of these recent actions.

Salt Lake City