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Political Crunch Time



Election time is weeks away, which means you’ve got to get registered to vote! It’s not too late and can be done with the click of a button. Later in the week, get yourself educated by checking out the Salt Lake County Mayor’s debate at a University of Utah forum. Also, don’t miss an interim day at the Legislature to check out a whole mess of bills and changes that might come out of the 2013 session.

Voter Registration
Until Oct. 22
Depending on how you look at the Mayan calendar, the end of 2012 may also be the end of the world—or the dawning of a new golden age. Not to saddle you with a lot of worry, but the apocalypse versus new-era scenario might depend on whether or not you vote this election. Whatever the case, don’t let apathy get in the way of being an active citizen. Give a damn this year and vote. Register to vote online at Voter.Utah.gov; find where to vote Nov. 6 at Vote.Utah.gov/Elections/Location

Salt Lake County Mayoral Debate
Tuesday, Oct. 16
Stop by the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics to watch a live rhetorical throwdown between Democrat Ben McAdams and Republican Mark Crockett, contenders to be the next mayor of Salt Lake County. Find out where the candidates stand on the downtown arts center, SkiLink, poverty, the environment and more at this free public forum. Hinckley Caucus Room, Orson Spencer Hall, 260 S. Central Campus Drive, University of Utah, 801-581-8501, Oct. 16, 2-3 p.m., Hinckley.Utah.edu

Legislative Interim
Wednesday, Oct. 17
This interim day at the Hill has a full schedule of interesting meetings for legislative junkies. A morning Revenue & Taxation Committee may take another puff on the tobacco-tax issue, while an afternoon Government Operations Committee will discuss a bill to prohibit county and municipal candidates from using campaign donations for personal expenses. Check the Legislature website for a full schedule. Utah Capitol, 350 N. State, 801-538-1029, Oct. 17, morning meetings start at 9 a.m., afternoon meetings start at 2 p.m., Le.Utah.gov